Awards & Case Studies


Awards received by CEO & Founder Penny Streeter OBE and the A24 Group include:

  • OBE 2006 New Years Honours for ‘services to enterprise’
  • CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Entrepreneur of the Year, 2003
  • Daily Telegraph’s 2006 ‘top 40 UK entrepreneurs aged under 40’
  • Management Today, Top 100 Entrepreneurs
  • Fast Track 100 ‘Fastest Growing UK Company’: No.1 in 2002

Case Study 1: An Hour in the Life of Ambition 24Hours


A major London teaching hospital calls A24 Group after a nurse has phoned in sick: A&E needs a specialist nurse urgently for the 6:00am shift

Tim, an A24 Group consultant who took the call, checks the A24 Group secure on-line diary and database for qualified nurses who are registered with A24 Group. He selects local candidates who have worked at and know the hospital.

Tim SMS texts six A24 Group nurses. Nurse Mary, a mother and part-time worker, replies first. Tim phones her immediately and confirms the shift details

Nurse Mary arrives at the hospital for the shift

Case Study 2: Domiciliary Care with Ambition 24Direct

Day 1:
An 82 year-old lady living on her own in Kent requires healthcare and support at home to meet her post-operative health needs: she is due to be discharged from hospital the following day. Her daughter contacts Ambition 24Direct by phone - 0871 8733 344. (A24 Group has previously provided support for her young child in her own home when she was taken ill). 

A consultant at Ambition 24Direct takes the call and discusses her mother’s care needs. He arranges an appointment for an accredited A24 Group nurse to meet both patient and daughter at the hospital the following day, before discharge.

Day 2:
On the appointed day, the nurse from Ambition 24Direct meets with the patient and her daughter at the hospital for an Initial Assessment, to produce a Care Plan. The nurse also meets with the patient’s hospital consultant and discusses care needs, with the patient’s consent. 

Later that day, the nurse visits the patient and her daughter in her home, to assess the environment and complete and agree the Care Plan. The nurse is able to answer all the patient’s questions: an A24 Group care assistant is booked for the following day, on a 24hours a day live-in basis, to provide care support until further notice. 

The patient would like to meet the care assistant first, and this is arranged for later that same afternoon (A24 Group has an extensive database of accredited nurses and care assistants nationwide).

Day 3: 8:00am:
The A24 Group care assistant arrives at the patient’s home. Her daughter has stayed overnight with her mother and can now go off to work, knowing that her mother will receive 24-7 care, with help with personal care and simple domestic tasks. A relief care assistant is available as further support – and Ambition 24Direct can be contacted by phone 24-7 to discuss care needs and change the care plan if this is required.

Case Study 3: Contract Staffing to Healthcare Service Providers

A24 Group was awarded a contract to supply nurses for temporary staffing to the Department of Health in the Western Cape, South Africa in 2009. The Department has in the region of 117 healthcare facilities throughout the province. 

The nursing agency recruited qualified CPNs and PHCs for clinics throughout Western Cape - as well as midwives and staff with ICU, neo-natal, theatre, and spinal cord treatment specialisations, and nurses with experience in trauma and general ward duties. 

A24 Group was the first of the nursing agencies in South Africa to offer a service 24hours, seven days a week. Founded in the UK, A24 Group opened in South Africa in 2004, to offer the same high quality service and efficiency for the organisation of temporary staff to healthcare service providers in South Africa. 

The agency continues to register and manage qualified nurses in the following specialisations throughout South Africa: CPN, PHC, midwifery, ICU, neo-natal, theatre, spinal cord, trauma and general ward duties.

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