Marketing Initiatives


The A24 Group is an increasingly significant global influence in championing and delivering freedom and flexibility in national labour markets for medical personnel, to benefit employers, employees and patients alike. The group actively supports maximum choice and availability of work for medical staff, to enable them to meet family and other commitments, and satisfy the escalating demand for temporary staff.

A24 Group is bringing our brands, values and organisational capabilities to a growing number of countries. Our market strategy is to identify and grow within those countries where we can add significant value through the efficient organisation of the market for temporary medical staffing.

Note: The A24 Group is ethically opposed to the trans-national recruitment of medical staff from developing countries, which we believe is to the detriment of those countries’ own medical resources. We believe that the solution for shortages in developed countries is the efficient deployment of temporary staff – and more effective national programmes of recruitment and training, in the longer term.



The A24 Group is at the leading edge in on-line marketing, to communicate medical job vacancies and relevant news to our candidates, clients and staff. We believe that regular, clear and consistent communication is essential in ensuring a job market with maximum freedom of movement and choice of work.

Our initiatives include the development of new on-line portals, to gather, manage and dispense information. This benefits our clients, who are medical service providers, as well as candidates, because it enables us to match optimally vacancies with applicants: quickly, efficiently and safely.

A24 Group is at the forefront in the use and development of social media, for effective marketing communications. We are introducing new applications to maximise the  convenience and immediacy of information transfer and two-way communication, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other media.

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