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Ten tips on Agency Nursing: How to get the Best out of your Nursing Agency

  1. Register with several nursing agencies: to increase the opportunity for agency work, you can register just once through the A24 Group to work with five different group agencies
  2. Tell the agency when you will be free to work: the on-line web diary A24 Connect enables nurses and HCAs to log their future availability. Update the diary at least weekly.
  3. Keep in touch by phone: find out which agency consultants deal with the area where you choose to work. E-mail the names of the towns and hospitals. Then phone the consultants at least monthly so they get to know you and the sort of work you want.
  4. Be flexible in your availability: it will help the consultants find you work if they know that you will accept jobs at short notice; or if you will work some evenings, weekends or Bank Holidays. These shifts can offer more, higher-paying shifts
  5. Stay compliant: after you register and have on-line access through A24 Connect, ensure annual certifications are kept up-to-date: such as for training and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  6. Consider work further afield: you can update your ‘Work Areas’ in A24 Connect – the geographical locations to which you are happy to travel for shifts. The agency consultants will search for and offer shifts according to the areas you've chosen.
  7.  Do you have specialist skills? ICU, PICU or SCBU trained for example? There is high demand for specialist nurses. Current certificates are essential to prove your speciality. Also, if you do specialist training on an annual basis in your permanent job - such as Ventilator, Tracheostomy, IV administration – please inform the agency.
  8. Web Social Media: it’s worth registering for the agencies’ FacebookGoogle+LinkedIn and Twitter pages so that you are up to date on agency news, job opportunities, tips and advice
  9. Your feedback: your comments are always welcome. Let the agency know if there is anything you are unhappy about or you think could be done differently - or issues you have in the workplace. Good agencies are grateful for feedback
  10. Tell a friend: if you have friends or colleagues who are interested in medical agency work – as a nurse, HCA, AHP or locum doctor - then do please tell them about the agency group. You could post on Facebook


Published on by Kevin Kroese.

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