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How to Find Agency Work – Where You Want It

Agency nurses and HCAs want local work – handy to get to by car or public transport. So how can you ensure that our agency consultants know the best locations for you?

The best way to ensure shifts are where you want is to update your Work Areas on A24 Connect. (Work Areas are the geographical locations where you are happy to travel to for shifts).

Agency consultants search for and offer candidates shifts according to the work areas they’ve chosen. If you are being offered work in areas where you don’t want to travel to, this may highlight an issue with the work areas selected. Likewise if you are not being offered much work it may be that you have a very limited work area chosen. Either way, it’s good to check and update the information as necessary.

So where are the best places for work right now?

Vacancy ‘hotspots’ currently include Scotland and Northern Ireland; the cities of Birmingham, Bristol, London, Newcastle, Portsmouth; as well as the counties of Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

The situation changes regularly of course. But you may want to check your local travel situation to see where you can get too easily – there are some travel web sites like in London, where you can plan a route from your home to the place of work, check which transport to use – and even how long the journey will take.

Published on by Kevin Kroese.

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