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New Criminal Record Disclosure Rules Cut Employment Costs for Agency Workers says A24 Group

The new Update Service  of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), launched on 17 June 2013, is welcome news in cutting employment costs for agency doctors, nurses and care assistants, says Penny Streeter OBE, managing director of A25 Group medical staffing agency.

DBS was established when the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) merged in 2012.

“ Millions of agency workers and volunteers will no longer have to apply for a new criminal record check each time they apply for a job. Working with a main employer and a number of agencies has required a criminal records check for every single one of them. The cost has been high, with a long waiting time for criminal records checks to be completed,” says Penny Streeter.

“ With the new rules, when a disclosure is issued staff can register with the DBS Service for the update for £13 annually. Workers can give permission to the agencies for which they work to access this information. So you can start work as soon as any other agency compliance checks are done - and you won't be stopped from working when your disclosure is 12 months old.”

The Update Service puts individuals in greater control of their own information, the Government says (*see reference below). It allows DBS certificates to be reused when applying for similar jobs, and reduces bureaucracy:

“ The new service should save the customer time and money and improve the overall safeguarding landscape. Workers may never need to apply for another DBS check again.

Individuals can choose to subscribe to the Update Service for an annual fee of £13 which will keep their DBS certificate up-to-date so that they can take it with them from role to role within the same workforce. As a result millions of employees and volunteers will no longer have to apply for a new criminal record check each time they apply for a job.

“ If an individual has subscribed to the Update Service their employer will be able to go online, with the individual’s consent, and carry out a free, instant check to find out if the information released on the DBS certificate is current and up to date.”

The A24 Group is a privately-owned medical staffing agency. It has traded successfully since 1996 and now operates in the UK and South Africa, supplying locum doctors, agency nurses, AHPs and HCA care assistants to healthcare service organisations, who include hospitals and primary care providers, prisons and care homes, insurance and other companies.

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Mayfair Specialist Nurses publishes Agency Job Rates on-line

Mayfair is a leading Specialist Nurse Agency and our stand pay rates, which you can view by clicking here, reflect the importance of the roles and services which nurses and care assistants provide. From time to time it may be necessary to depart from the rates in which case the rate you get paid will depend on a range of factors. Always check with your Mayfair consultant at the time of each booking. 

Mayfair has developed advanced IT systems and processes for candidate compliance, management and selection. This ensures a precise match of experience and capability for every shift, the agency says, and supports a friendly and helpful service and long term relationships with both nurses and clients of the agency.

Mayfair Specialist Nurse recruits and places agency nurses for speciality posts in the public and private sector. This includes: NHS Theatre Nurses, Surgical, SCBU, Renal/ Dialysis and PICU - as well as Paediatrics, ODP, NICU, Midwives, Dental, ITU, HDU, CCU and Cardiac, Cardiothoracic, Acute Medical, and Accident and Emergency.

Registering with Mayfair Specialist Nurses enables staff to work with all five agencies in the A24 Group.

As a major national recruiter of specialist staff, Mayfair's systems and procedures are regularly audited and updated according to best industry practice, client feedback and analyses of candidate needs. Recruitment processes include.-

·         Information campaigns: national advertising programmes, including local campaigns to meet spot staffing needs

·         Interviews: face-to-face interviews to assess each candidates suitability

·         Registration process: CRB checks, 23-page career application form. All referees are contacted and career certification verified

·         Checking and auditing: further detailed checks to confirm full candidate compliance

·         Selection safeguards: automated processes to ensure continuing compliance and also mandatory training

·         Complaints, Audit & Review systems: to support safety, performance and responsiveness of systems



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The A24 Group on Web Social Media

The A24 Group is increasingly using social media - and Facebook and Twitter in particular - for two-way communication with new candidates and those already registered with the agency. The medical staffing agency runs Facebook sites for all its divisions – locum  doctors, agency nurses, AHPs and HCA care assistants – for each country where the company operates.

“ A 24Group encourages open communication with candidates: this keeps us on our toes and ensures we get active feedback from our stakeholders. We can quickly communicate news and important information, such as that concerning compliance and regulation, using a range of multi-media – including e-mail, blogs and our own Connect portal,” says Penny Streeter, founder and managing director of A24Group.

A24Connect is a major ICT project that the A24 Group is currently rolling out to all its operational divisions. A24Connect is unique: it gives candidates more control of their work-life balance. At any time they can log into A24Connect with a unique password and let A24 Group know their availability for work, check any outstanding matters relating to their work status, make a relevant purchase such as for a training course, or ask a question about working with the agency.



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RN Registered Nursing Agency top Jobs and Pay at Ambition 24hours

Ambition 24hours has a range of nursing agency jobs for RN Registered Nurses.  Ambition has a reputation for offering amongst the highest rates of pay  of all UK nursing agencies, because of its reputation for providing  staff at very short notice, when other nursing agencies fail. Ambition  was the first to offer a full 24-7 service, 365 days a year - nurses and  HCAs can register at

Employers of RN Registered Nurses use Ambition 24hours for temporary staffing because it offers the most  advanced system for compliance and safety in the management and booking  of nursing agency staff:-

  • Enterprise  ICT System: the unique staff management system developed for nurse and  HCA registration, compliance, selection and booking: 100,000 hours of  development time in-house over six years.
  • System  safeguards: Enterprise only allows selection of nurses & care staff  after 100% completion of registration: all relevant, employment,  training & CRB registrations & references fully confirmed; and  the staff work record is finally checked, re-checked and cleared.
  • Booking  safety: agency nurses & HCA healthcare assistants are selected for  shifts from verified data recorded on Enterprise ICT. Consultants can  match the exact requirements of clients according to agency staff  qualifications, experience and availability.
  • Nurse  registration and compliance: face-to-face interview to confirm language  ability; CRB checking; 20+ page registration form, full details of  career history & qualifications; four referees; original ‘right to  work’, qualifications & training certificates; & employer’s  report.
  • Our  Compliance team: Over 100 dedicated staff obtain verified professional  references from past employers, Occupational Health checks for fitness  to work, verify professional qualifications, apply for CRBs, and confirm  mandatory training is certificated. Quality Control re-check.

Ambition 24hours has positions available nationwide, in addition to RN Registered Nurses,  for HCA healthcare assistants, RN Registered Nurses; RGN Registered  General Nurses; RMN Registered Mental Nurses; EN Enrolled Nurses; SEN  State Enrolled Nurses; ENG Enrolled Nurse General nurses; ENM Enrolled  Nurse of Mental Health staff; RSCN Registered Sick Children’s Nurses;  RFN Registered Fever Nurses; RM Registered nurses; Midwives; and RHV  Registered Health Visitors

RN Registered Nurses are provided for a range of healthcare settings: Primary Care GP  surgeries; A&E Accident & Emergency; ITU Intensive Treatment  Unit; ICU; Intensive Care Unit; HDU High Dependency Unit; CCU Cardiac  Care Unit; SCBU Special Care Baby Unit; ENT Ear Nose & Throat; and  Maternity. Other wards for which nursing agency and HCA staff are  provided include: Recovery, Oncology, Acute Stroke, Neuro   Rehabilitation, Surgical, Medical, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Urology.

For more informatin:

View Ambition Contact Details

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Depression Awareness Week

This is Depression Awareness Week  - we support the work of the Depression Alliance

Grosvenor Nursing is a specialist agency in the A24 Group with a range of mental health support jobs nationwide: if you work or want to work in this sector please contact Grosvenor today . Positions include: SPAN Special Practitioner Adult Nursing, SPMH Mental Health Nursing, SPCN Children’s Nursing, SPLD Learning Disabilities; SPGP General Practice; SCMH Community Mental Health; SCLD Community Learning Disabilities; SPCC Community Children’s nursing; SPOH Occupational Health; SPSN School Nursing; V100 Independent Nurse Prescribing; V200 Extended Nurse Prescribing; V300 Extended/Supplementary Prescribing; and LPE Lecturer/Practice Educator.

Therapeutic relationships

Mental ill health can be brought on by a crisis in life such as depression following the death of a partner. Depression is one of the range of conditions that come under the heading of mental ill health. There are also neuroses, psychoses, psychological and personality disorders.

Therapeutic relationships between the mental health nurse or HCA, those with mental ill health, and their families is crucial to successful mental health nursing. Helping people back to sound mental health can be every bit as valuable and satisfying as caring for those with a physical illness.

Core qualities and skills

The main tool as a mental health agency nurse will be the strength of your own personality and communication skills. Nurses and HCAs will need to empathise with the people with whom they are dealing and show warmth and to care about them. There is still some stigma attached to mental illness. Combating this and helping the individuals and their families deal with it is a key part of the job.

The danger of violence is often associated with this branch of nursing and one of the special skills required is to spot a build up of tension and be able to defuse it.

Diverse settings

Most mentally ill people are not cared for in hospital but in the community instead. You might be based in a community health care centre, or a day hospital and outpatients department or specialist unit. Working as a nurse, you will need to have an understanding of the theories of mental health and illness. You would work as part of a team which includes general practitioners, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, arts therapists and healthcare assistants.



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